ShareHouse Scheduled to Open on Thursday

On Thursday, October 13 from 4-6 pm, the ShareHouse Supply Zone will hold their much-anticipated open house. ShareHouse is a combination of  hard work,  generous volunteers  and wonderful donors throughout the Rock Hill School district community.

On average teachers spent about $200 a year on supplies for the classroom. With ShareHouse, anyone can volunteer and donate those hours to a teacher so that they may shop at the (continued)

Rock Hill School District Foundation receives Wells Fargo Grant

To commemorate the conversion of Wachovia Bank to Wells Fargo Bank, Wells Fargo awarded a $10,000 grant to nonprofits supporting each of the school districts in York County.   The presentation of awards was held at a commemorative ceremony on Thursday, September 22nd at Wells Fargo on Main Street. Each District Superintendent rode in the Wells Fargo Stagecoach through the streets of downtown Rock Hill. Once they arrived, several speakers welcomed Wells (continued)

Back to Basics was an Inspiring Event

“Those who have been rescued, make the best rescuers.” – Isreal Houghton

By Serena Wiliams

Humbling. Sobering. Awesome. Powerful. Nothing short of a miracle.

These are a few words that have repeatedly been used within the past few days to describe the modern-day miracle that took place on Saturday, Aug. 6, when Rock Hill Schools hosted its Back to Basics, Back to School, School Supply and Shoes of Hope distribution event at (continued)

From Our Mailbag

The Rock Hill School District Foundation appreciates the generosity of our donors. In the 2011-2012 school year, we will feed approximately 700 children through our Back the Pack program thanks to the ongoing support the Foundation has received from the community. We also enjoy reading the many letters we have received from communities both near and far. Here are a few excerpts from  recent letters in our (continued)

Foundation Members Sit Down with WRHI to Talk about Back the Pack

Rock Hill School District Foundation members Serena Williams and Colleen Coesens recently appeared on WHRI’s Straight Talk radio show to discuss Back the Pack and the School Supplies Drive for Rock Hill School District Three.  During the program insight was given on how the program is set up, how it functions and how it is funded.

Click below to listen to the broadcast.

Back the Pack in National Spotlight

The issue of world hunger is not one that Americans are unfamiliar with but often we forget that such an issue can be so close to us. It affects our neighbors, our colleagues, and yes, even the children of our schools. Staff at one Rock Hill school realized that 1 out of 17 students barely had food to eat over the weekends when school was out. Weekend (continued)